Are you certified?

Yes, La Criolla is certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) through the City of Chicago and as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBENC) through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

Where can I purchase La Criolla products?

You can purchase La Criolla products at most independent Hispanic supermarkets in the Midwest, and at national retailers and grocery chains such as Roundy’s (Mariano’s, Copps, Pick ‘n Save), Jewel-Osco, Woodman’s, and Walmart.

For more details, email us or contact our national headquarters at 312-243-8882.

How do I use the spice blends?

Anytime you would use salt and pepper on a meat, starch or vegetable dish, substitute one of our La Criolla spice blends. It will add instant flavor to your meals. You can marinade meats with La Criolla spice blends or simply sprinkle our spices on food as it cooks. Our spice blends can also add zest to your favorite green salad or vegetable. Also add the blends, in particular, our taco seasoning, to your favorite creamy dips.

What makes your spice blends different from other blends?

La Criolla spice blends contain no dyes or fillers. For example, some spice manufacturers use artificial red dyes to color their products. We use high-quality, all-natural plant extracts to achieve the same effect. Other spice manufacturers also add fillers like corn starch to the blends, which adds weight but not flavor to blends. Our products contain no such fillers. La Criolla also offers MSG-free spice blends.

Our traditional formulas have remained unchanged since the 1950s. We still use the same high-quality ingredients that made our products popular over the last four decades. Our focus is quality.

What does La Criolla mean?

La Criolla is the feminine version of the word “creole” or criollo in Spanish. The term criollo originated in the late 16th century in Latin America to describe a person born in the New World of mixed Spanish, African and Indian ancestry. The image of La Criolla, or a creole woman, evokes this vibrant Latin American heritage. Look for her on our labels!