Fiesta Trio


La Criolla Fiesta Trio – 3 pack, one of each: Fruit, Taco and Fajita Seasonings


Fiesta Trio Pack includes one bottle of each:

1 – 7oz Fruit Seasoning
1 – 4oz Taco Seasoning No Msg
1 – 4oz Fajita Seasoning

Great way to spice up your summer party platters with these three favorite seasonings. Fruit Seasoning is great sprinkled onto any fruit for an added kick of flavor or try adding it to salads for a refreshing zesty kick! Taco and Fajita are great seasonings for all meats, great on burgers and chicken. Also try Taco and/ or Fajita seasonings as a dip mixed with sour cream or yogurt! You can also view more recipes here!