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La Criolla product list

Bottled is best . . .

We take special pride in packaging all of our spices in glass bottles to provide the freshest taste and deliver the best flavor. It’s also our way of supporting sustainability efforts. We’re dedicated to making smart sourcing and packaging decisions for our customers, their families, and the environment.

 Why glass is best

Nothing to hide . . .

Healthy eating and cooking begin with your ingredients, and La Criolla is proud to offer you its line of all natural spices and products. As always, we use only the highest-quality ingredients and there are no artificial additives, preservatives, fillers or dyes added to any of our blends.

Bringing more to your table . . .

Although spices remain the focus of La Criolla Foods, our product line now includes several other items, including a variety of beans, peas, olives, olive oil, sauces, pasta and much more. Just as our product line has expanded, so has our position within the general marketplace where our products have earned increasing popularity. In an ongoing effort to satisfy our loyal customers, we continually add new items to our product line, including spicier versions of our traditional blends. This full attention to customer demand and service has helped La Criolla Foods grow from a local distributor of spices to an importer, producer and distributor of foods throughout the United States.

   At La Criolla you’ll find all your favorite spices, seasonings, and additions for your cooking needs.

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