Love is in the Air!

Happy Spring!  As we embark on this new season, our hearts are filled with love for our Spice Girls and Guys who give purpose to all that we do.  These pictures were taken within a 5 minute radius of La Criolla’s Chicago offices; scenes like these inspire us every day, despite snow flurries and rain in April.

We’re sending a special shout out to La Criolla Spice Girl, Florence W., in Jacksonville, FL, who wrote us, “I received your email recently about Target in Atlanta and Portland selling La Criolla spices. PLEASE send your products to Target in Jacksonville, Florida. I bought some spices first in Chicago, IL, and kept the empty bottle so I could find a store. . . Thank you. I really love your product.”

Customers like FLorence keep us going!  Click here for the latest La Criolla news.

Happy Spring!

IMG_1453 IMG_1458 IMG_1465 IMG_1492

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