Did You Know….Cinnamon

stick_cinnamonoatmeal from la criolla

Did you know that cinnamon can be used as an anti inflammatory aid and many use it for alleviating the symptoms of arthritis.

Although it has not been proven or specifically received approval as a treatment method for arthritis, it has been shown in some studies and trials to help cope with various symptoms – such as inflammation.

And according to Web MD, cinnamon taken in small doses for whatever ailment you’re trying to alleviate doesn’t tend to cause any side effects. However, if taken in large doses, it could cause negative side effects. Very high quantities can even be toxic, so it’s important to take precautions with dosage and also avoid medication interactions. If you take medication, always consult with your doctor first before trying an alternative or complementary solution.

Another possible use for cinnamon is lowering blood sugar, since in some studies, it has been shown to help diabetics. But in other studies, it has not. So it’s inconclusive, and as always it’s best to simply consult with your doctor first whether taking a spice such as cinnamon would be helpful in your specific case.

But aside from the possible medicinal benefits of cinnamon, we know for sure it adds great flavor to your foods. Here are a few recipes in which La Criolla cinnamon (offered in 2 varieties – ground cinnamon and stick cinnamon) is used.

Add Some Flavor To Your Oatmeal

Spiced Apple Tart

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