"I began to use La Criolla products when I was provided a sample from a friend. I had limited cooking Spanish food because it took a long time to cook partly because I felt that the seasoning did not infuse the food unless you simmered the rice or beans or marinated meats for a long period of time. Then I tried La Criolla seasonings, because they are so pure in flavor, the cooking time has lessened. Now I can cook a fast, flavorful, hot meal, just like my moms even during my work days. Thanks, Criolla."

- Rosemary W. - Senior Account Executive, SCHAWK!

I have been a customer of La Criolla for YEARS. All of my family uses it as well, and I would only use this seasoning because it's always fresh, comes in glass bottles and they always come out with new fresh seasonings that are so good, you NEVER will want to use anything else. I've even gone to the company to get the seasonings and love the customer experience! They are so kind and nice there I LOVE them. Thank you!

- Angela - Chicago, IL

"As a busy working mom, I love adding flavorful La Criolla spice blends, like Adobo and Sazon, to meats and veggies for a quick, delicious dinner. My son won't eat chicken without La Criolla spices!"

- Nancy - Skokie, IL

"As a health-conscious man, I pay attention to what I put into my body. La Criolla spices allow me to enjoy nutritious foods while maintaining lots of flavor."

- Albert - Chicago, IL

I used to live in Chicago, and was introduced to La Criolla Seasonings. I moved away 12 years ago and stock up on La Criolla Sazon every time I go to Chicago to visit. Your amazing seasonings are the only ones I use since I learned to cook and got married 23 years ago. Thank you, La Criolla!

- Rosario

I just wanted to say thank you. Ever since I could remember my mother
has been using La Criolla Adobo. Even to this day, she uses it and
it's great. I am now 30 years old and I use the Adobo religiously.
Whether it's to season rice or soups or even use it as a rub for the
grill, it is a part of our family. It isn't salty but flavorful.
Recently, 3 family members from Brooklyn, New York, came to visit. We
prepared some traditional Puerto Rican dishes for them and the question
they had was..what seasoning did you use? They loved it. We took them
to Tony's Supermarket and they bought 9 jars each to bring back home to
Brooklyn. All in all, we just wanted to say thank you for making our
meals so flavorful.

- From a very satisfied customer, The Roman Familia

“I inherited the love of these products from my mother. She uses at least one or two every day, be it the beans, the spices, or what have you. I've tried other brands, but they just don't compare. I love all their products, especially the beans and spices. I especially like to season my meat with Adobo and my fish with the Lemon Pepper. They have permanent spots in my spice rack! They make quality products that are hard to find these days. You just have to look at their spices--they still pack them in glass jars. Not only does that keep them fresher longer, but as a consumer who's sensitive to the environment, I appreciate that.”

- Ada G.

"Whether I'm cooking breakfast, lunch or dinner, I use La Criolla products. In the morning, it's La Criolla Cinnamon and Sugar on my oatmeal, or Fajita Seasoning on my eggs. I love La Criolla Chick Peas on my lunch salads, and add Lemon Pepper to my fish. All of the spice blends add zest to my meats. La Criolla is my secret weapon in the kitchen. All of my friends think I'm an excellent cook, thanks to La Criolla!!"

- Sylvia - New York, NY